Weighted Lap Blanket




Weighted Lap Blankets 

Much like a weighted blanket, but on a smaller scale, a weighted lap blanket is a sensory tool that offers proprioceptive or deep touch pressure to legs as it rests lap when in a seated position.  Some people with sensory processing disorder, autism or other conditions, may find touch can be overwhelming and even painful. This is known as tactile oversensitivity or tactile defensiveness. Research has shown that weighted blankets and weighted lap pads can help people with sensory processing challenges experience all the comforts of touch without feeling overloaded.

Weighted Lap Blankets are not recommended for children under the age of 3.  If you have ANY concerns about your child’s physical well-being (muscular, bone, sensory, vascular, etc..) you should consult with your child’s doctor and/or occupational therapist prior to using a weighted lap blanket.  Always follow your medical professional guidelines for use.



Choose Fabric, Size, and Weight 

Each blanket is custom made. Estimated Shipping 10-15 days

Fabric Choices: 

Girl BootsFront Cotton, Back Minky Fleece

Show HorsesFront Cotton, Back Cotton

Talking Farm AnimalFront Cotton, Back Minky Fleece

Warm NightsFront Minky Fleece, Back Minky Fleece 

Hungry CaterpillarFront Cotton, Back Cotton 

Weathered WoodFront Cotton, Back Cotton

Words of LoveFront Cotton, Back Minky Fleece 

TractorsFront Cotton, Back Minky Fleece

NorthwoodsFront Cotton, Back Cotton 

ModernFront Cotton, Back Cotton

Grazing CowsFront Cotton, Back Flannel


Additional information

Lap Blanket Size

Adult ~ 7 lb 14×26, Adult~ 8lb 20×34, Small Child~ 3 lb 10×20, Small Child~ 4 lb 14 x 20, Youth~ 5lb 14×26, Youth~ 6lb 14×26


Custom Approved by SFF, Girl Boots, Grazing Cows, Hungry Caterpillar, Modern, North Woods, Show Horses, Talking Farm Animal, Tractors, Warm Nights, Weathered Wood, Words of Love


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