Happy 2018!  We celebrated our 4th birthday on April 1st.  It is hard to believe we launched our website with ten varieties of our Goat Milk Soap and four years later we have added so much to our product line!  We still have ideas and more products coming!  (If only we had the time to create everything swimming around in our brains)


It is kidding season and full happiness and life on the farm.  We have 25 kids on the ground so far with two mamas to go. We have had FOUR sets of triplets!  Milking will begin May 1st.  We do things a little different than most farms.  We allow our goats to raise their own babies and only bottle feed if needed.  Each of our milkers is a part of our family.  After four weeks with their mom, we put the babies in the barn overnight and milk first thing in the morning around 5am.  It is still dark outside and by the time we finish the roosters are crowing and the sun is rising.  We milk all summer to put up enough milk to make our products all year long.  As business has grown, we have adjusted our milking season as needed.  After we milk each doe, we open the barn door and let the kids out to rejoin the herd.  The rejoicing of the reunions is a sight to see!  Our babies then spend the day grazing, nursing and sunning with their moms until nightfall.  We have found that milking once a day works best for our family.  We have four boys who are active in sports and activities.  I am sure you can imagine the schedule that follows them around!


We opened our booth at the Norman Farm Market last Saturday and it is bigger and better than ever!  I am really proud of how it turned out, and have to thank our farmgirls for making it possible!  Todd is the soapmaker, I make everything else and manage the internet and sales, our boys package, and we have a team of farmgirls who help in the soap shop and run our shows.  All of our products are truly full of love for our animals and love for what we do!

Norman Farm Market Booth Cleveland County Fairgrounds April through October

We are excited to be a part of the Made in Oklahoma Program, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry Market Development Services Division.

We have added retailers across Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Georgia. We also sell on Etsy, Amazon and of course our website. Our best marketing comes from YOU!  Once customers try our products they are hooked and over 85% of our customers are RETURN customers.  That says a lot and I am very proud of the Goat Milk Goodness we make from start to finish here on the farm.

We have seen a lot of duplication of our products and are flattered!  Often imitated but never duplicated!  🙂 Our Goatmeal Honey Soap Bar and our Black Gold Facial Bar are our top selling soaps, and our Lemongrass Facial Moisturizer is honestly not only the best product I have ever created, it is the best moisturizer I ever used!  Many soapmakers use what is called “melt and pour” soap bases, and add their own ingredients which is perfectly fine.  It is almost like buying a brownie mix at the store and adding eggs and water.  The difference at our farm is that every single product we make is made from scratch using the top quality oils, butters, and goat milk from our herd of Nubians.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like ours!  We appreciate you and are blessed to be able to do what we love!

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Angie Steele

Steele Family Farm