Family and Goats

April 1st brings about a lot of excitement here on the farm.  We breed our milkers in November for April babies so that our Oklahoma weather is at its best for kidding season.  We celebrated our two year anniversary for our business opening that same day.  We have been blessed to be able to create products our customers love straight from our own little farm.  I milk the goats every morning from April through August (5am comes a little early for me) while Todd makes the soap and keeps up with our inventory.  We both make the lotion and our boys help us package our products.  It is definitely a family affair.

Our Black Gold facial bar has become one of our top sellers along with our Goatmeal Honey bar.  The Black Gold is made using goat milk, activated charcoal and tea tree oil as its main ingredients.  Our Goatmeal Honey is a staple for many showers (ours included).  If you haven’t tried either of them, I encourage you to try our bars for two weeks and see the difference for yourself.

We had 19 babies born this season, they are growing fast and are a joy to watch.  Two of our milkers had triplets so we are getting to bottle feed a supplement bottle a few times a day using the fresh milk from that morning.  It is so much fun to watch them come running when they see me.  I think my mama/bottle babies love me the best 🙂

We recently shipped an order of specialty soaps to our favorite Bed and Breakfast in Mexico.  Villa La Bella in Isla Mujeres has our soap and lotion in their rooms for their guests.  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to know that our products are being used by people across the ocean.  Farming is a lot of work, but it is filled with joyful moments between the sweat and tears.  I wouldn’t trade this life for another.  If you can’t find me I am probably hiding in the barn snuggled up with some babies.

Thank you to each of you who remain loyal customers.  Without you, I wouldn’t have an excuse to have this much fun at work!



Steele Family Farm