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Steele Family 2014

We are a small hobby farm located near Washington, Oklahoma. We have four growing boys and we started our venture in 2008 when we purchased our vacant land. It has been a fun and challenging journey so far. We built our home, a red and white barn style house, which we designed and built ourselves with the help of family and friends. From that point on it has all been about the animals. Secure fencing, chicken coops, a corral and a shop building have been projects that had to be done to get our little farm running. Besides our dairy goats who provide the milk for our soaps we also raise Dexter cattle for beef, pigs for delicious pork, a variety of chickens for eggs,  and we have also raised Jumbo Cornish chickens for meat. There are a few Great Pyrenees dogs roaming our pasture protecting the goats and cows, the coyotes are thick as thieves out here! There is always the occasional hand full of ducks, geese or peacocks that provide entertainment. A few cats to keep the mice at bay and our array of family dogs (We won’t talk about that number).
Baby Goat 3

When we first started we weren’t sure exactly what our niche was going to be. Ultimately we decided to start our handmade goat milk soap business. It’s fun, lets us be creative and best of all it makes people happy to use our products.

Please visit our website often to see what new products we have to offer. Follow us on our blog too, for farm updates and pictures of life on the farm. You can also find us on social media by searching Steele Family Farm!

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Todd and Angie Steele