Black Gold Facial Bar

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Our Black Gold Facial Bar gets its black color from charcoal powder which is known to help remove toxins when used in filtration applications.  The use of charcoal powder in soaps for removing toxins from the skin is up for debate but we think it gives our soap a cool look anyway!  Speaking of cool, we have infused this soap with a healthy dose of Tea Tree essential oil.  Tea Tree essential oil is well known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic properties which are all wonderful things when comes to desired properties for a facial soap.  Tea Tree essential oil also is a cicatrisant, which means it may help diminish scars from acne.  The oil also helps remove toxins, open pores and may help in the prevention of reoccurring acne. We have used some of our usual oils in the making of this soap but have also added Grape seed oil and Safflower oil into the recipe.  Grape seed oil is good for oily or acne-prone skin and also relieves dry, itchy skin.  Safflower oil helps to soften the skin, protect against sun damage and is also a natural anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from facial acne or are just looking for a great facial bar you need to give this a try!  Try it for a month and we’re sure you will see a positive improvement in the health of your skin!  For best results, we recommend washing your face thoroughly twice a day with the Black Gold.

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, goat milk, activated charcoal powder, tea tree essential oil, lye.

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10 reviews for Black Gold Facial Bar

  1. Melna (verified owner)

    Best soap I have ever used! Has cleared my skin without drying it out and I will forever be a repeat customer for this company!!! Love, love, love it!!!

  2. Tamara

    “I bought several of your soaps at the Sassy Snowflake Craft Show. I bought the Black Gold Bar for my daughter. I sliced into smaller sections so it would be easier for her to just leave a piece out on her soap dish. I have to tell you that I have seen a difference in her skin on her forehead when she uses it. It definitely helps clear up the break outs when she uses it consistently! I love the fact that it works, is natural and its not loaded up with ingredients that I can’t pronounce! Of course, I love all of the soaps I’ve tried so far though, great products! Just wanted to share our review with you!”

  3. Paula (verified owner)

    I use this on my face every morning in the shower. My face has been so ‘calm’ since I started using it. No more break outs, no more of the big hard painful pimples just nice smooth skin!


  4. Glenda

    I bought this soap for my granddaughter who had really bad acne. Within a week there was a notable difference. She has now been using it for a month and everyone is asking what she is using that has cleared her face up so well. They are all wanting to try it now. Thanks Angie for a great soap.


  5. D’dee (verified owner)

    This soap has been a miracle for my son’s face. After just a couple days his acne began clearing up. So thankful to have found this for him. Thank you Angie for creating such a wonderful product that really works!

    • Steele Family Farm

      Thank you for taking the time to review our soap so others can know what our customers think. My husband Todd is the creator…he researched and did his homework for months before coming up with the perfect recipe that works well. We appreciate you and thank you for being a Steele Family Farm customer!

  6. Leesa (verified owner)

    I LOVE this bar!! I am in my 40s and have been struggling with adult acne and combination skin caused by crazy hormones! In just a couple days, I saw a change in my skin! It has really eliminated the crazy skin and surprises with my face! And the charcoal makes the bar look so cool!

  7. Christal Wells (verified owner)

    I have struggled with acne for about 9 months. I ended up trying black and gold on whim, thought why not I’ve already spent countless dollars on other products, why not give this one a shot. So I did and 3 weeks later my skin is so different. The acne has cleared I have a few spots, but I went from have 20-30 acne spots to 4 right now. The redness of my goodness the redness is completely gone it is amazing. I would recommend this bar to everyone with acne.

  8. Miranda

    This is the best face cleanser I have ever used great for my preteen that has sensitive to everything skin thatcaused a red rash and itching face, no more problems . I love that it works on adult acne and doesn’t leave dry patches on face and so moisturizing as well. Everyone should try a bar for a month 2 times a day and see the difference in your SKIN, your face will thank you

  9. Jacey (verified owner)

    Black Gold Facial Bar

    This facial bar makes my skin very smooth. It also helps with my acne. I also love the scent! If you have acne, I recommend giving this a try for at least two weeks (also, try out Steele Family Farm’s Facial Serum for acne). It really seems to help!

  10. Victoria Bauer

    Love this soap! It’s a great facial soap and does not irritate my skin at all.

    • Steele Family Farm

      This farmgirl has used it twice a day for 8 years, I love it too!

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