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Our room and car spray offers the perfect way to envelop your surroundings in your favorite Steele Family Farm fragrance. With just a quick shake and a spray, you can instantly revitalize your room or car. Our specially designed bottle ensures that each spray releases a fine mist, perfectly blending our fragrance with the base for an immersive experience. Whether you’re at home or on the go, our sprays provide a convenient and effective way to enjoy your favorite Steele Family Farm scent.

Size:   8-ounce spray bottle

Directions: Shake the bottle and spritz lightly in the room, vehicle, or on fabrics. Test a small area on fabrics before using.
Do not spray directly on finished wood or glass.

To view the fragrance notes of scents offered, please click here:  Steele Family Farm Scents


1 review for Room Spray

  1. Jacey (verified owner)

    Awesome room spray! This works so well and really eliminates those nasty odors! It also is long lasting which is super nice! 🙂

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